Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pineapple Lime Smoothie

I've seen this a few times and it's been called everything from "Monster Smoothies" to "Popeye Smoothies". I think Pineapple Lime sounds more tropical :) And you really don't taste the spinach at all, it taste like a juice daiquiri!

In a blender put:

4 oz. water
4 oz. white grape juice concentrate
2 heaping cups of ice cubes
2 heaping cups of fresh baby spinach
1 pineapple wedge (see photo below)
2 limes (juice from two limes)

Blend until smooth, and serve immediately. So good, and what an awesome way to get some fresh spinach in huh! Especially for my toddler, or a pregnant lady like me who should be eating WAY more veggies than I am! :)

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